Turbine Oils

High Quality Turbine Oils

Turbine Oils

Turbine oil is a highly refined mineral oil from selected crude oil, which contains no additive. It can be used as a lubricant widely especially for general industrial machines and compressors due to its good oxidation stability and high viscosity index. Turbine oil has a high viscosity index, which means small viscosity change for the temperature variation, and indicates good lubricity.

76 Turbine Oils:

76 Turbine Oil is a product manufactured by Phillips 66 Lubricants. PSC offers this cross-reference tool; PSC offers this 76 Turbine Oil and equivalent products of similar quality and performance.

Ultra clean Turbine oil:

Ultra-Clean Turbine Oil is a very high quality, rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited circulating oil developed for use in industrial gas turbines and steam turbines, and other industrial applications. Ultra-Clean Turbine Oil is formulated to provide excellent protection against rust, corrosion and deposit formation. It has excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures to minimize sludge and varnish formation and provide long service life. It protects system components against rust and corrosion. It has excellent water-separating properties to minimize the formation of emulsions and is resistant to excessive foam build-up that can interfere with proper lubrication.

Diamond Class AW Turbine Oil:

Diamond Class AW Turbine Oil is a premium quality, rust and oxidation inhibited, anti-wear turbine oil developed for use in geared and direct-drive gas turbines and steam turbines in severe service.

Multipurpose R & O:

Multipurpose R&O Oil is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited, anti wear circulating oil developed for use in circulation systems, centrifugal air compressors, geared turbines, lightly loaded enclosed gear drives and many other industrial applications. It contains a low level of ash less (zinc-free) anti wear additive for mild wear protection.

Syncon Turbine Oil:

Syncon Turbine Oil is a premium quality, synthetic lubricant developed for use in land-based gas turbines operating over a wide temperature range, where the manufacturer calls for a synthesized hydrocarbon (SHC) or PAO based turbine oil.

Syndustrial Turbine Oil:

Syndustrial Turbine Oil is a premium quality synthetic lubricant developed to meet the severe lubrication requirements of aero-derivative stationery and marine gas turbines.