High Quality Lubricants for Every Situation



Pacific Coast Petroleum, through its products, array of services, knowledge, expertise, use of advanced equipment, integration of up to date technology and computer systems, caters to a variety of industries.

Industries served includes Automotive, Aviation, Commercial, Fleet, Heavy Duty, Food Manufacturing Industry, Industrial and Manufacturing.  All our salespeople have specialized and focused experience ranging from six to thirty years in the industry.

Automotive Industry includes: auto Dealers, quick lubes, transmission shops, independently owned auto repair shops and franchised auto repairs, among many others.

Aviation Industry includes: a variety of FBO’S, private flying clubs and independent pilots.

Commercial, Fleet and Heavy-Duty Industries includes: truck repair facilities, small and large fleet operators, waste management companies, among many more.

Food Manufacturing Industry: An array of food grade products specific to the industry to meet the requirements of FDA on NSF, H1, H2 and H3.

Industrial and Manufacturing segment includes: power plants, paper mills, steel mills, elevator companies, quartz/glass manufacturing, paper & cardboard manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, mold manufacturing and Injection molding, etc.