Food Grade Oils

High Quality Food Grade Oils

Food Grade Oils

foodgrade lubricant oil certified NSF H1 or INS must meet specific criteria relating to food compatibility. It is susceptible to come into accidental contact with the food being produced, following a leak, overflow, or a lubrication fault, and this with total safety for the food produced.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil:

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil is an ash less oil comprised of base stocks that are U.S.P. quality white mineral oils combined with specialized additives to supplement the operating performance and still maintain approval under the USDA H-1 constraints. The additives used include rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts along with anti-wear and extreme pressure enhancers to improve load-carrying capability.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil is not approved for use under direct food contact applications.

White Oil:

White oils are highly refined mineral oils that are extremely pure, stable, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and chemically inert. These attributes make them perfect for any application that values these properties, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical processing. 

Syncon FG Hydraulic Oil:

Syncon FG Hydraulic Fluid is a premium quality, synthetic, food-grade anti-wear hydraulic fluid developed for use in the hydraulic systems of machinery found in food processing plants and beverage bottling plants, where incidental food contact may occur.

Food Machinery Grease:

Food Machinery Grease is manufactured with high quality base oils and thickened with an aluminium complex soap. It is compounded with special food grade additives to provide excellent EP and antiwar properties, excellent oxidation resistance and good adhesion to metal surfaces.