Dedicated to Keeping Your Fuel and Lubricant Systems Clean and Reliable

Clean Fluid Solutions

Pacific Coast Petroleum are dedicated to keeping your fuel and lubricant systems clean and reliable. Clean fluids work better and last longer – In metalworking, fluid performance is everything. We guide our customers to the most suitable methods for their applications whether for lubrication or hydraulic systems.

Fuel Division Offers the Following Services:

  • Cardlock Fuel Cards
  • 24/7 Emergency Fuel Services
  • Tank & Fuel Monitoring System
  • Scheduled Keep-Full Service
  • Emergency Generator Fuel Service
  • On-Site Fleet Fueling Service
  • Fuel Tank Rental
  • Fuel Testing Service
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Filtering & Polishing
  • Automated Fuel Usage Reporting
  • Fuel Cost Optimization

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Service:

  • Bulk, Tote, Drum, Case sizes
  • Keep-Full Program
  • On-Site DEF Fleet Fueling
  • Equipment Loan & Purchase Program

Lubricants Division Offers the Following Services:

  • Keep-Full Program
  • Fluid Management Program
  • Oil Analysis Program
  • Oil Filtration & ISO Cleanliness Program
  • Plant Surveys
  • Product Consolidation
  • Equipment Loan & Purchase Program
  • Technical Support
  • Lubrication Training
  • Increased Drain Interval
  • Waste Oil Program
  • Hazmat Response & Training
  • Risk Management

Mobil Truck & Equipment Repair